Spinal Surgery: An Introduction

The spine is an important part of an individual's physical structure. It houses a system of nerves that carry signals from the brain to other parts of the body, supports your skeletal structure, and is the mechanism by which you move your body from place to place. That is why it is important to seek a doctor who specialises in back health when you or a loved one experiences tingling, numbness, pain or other symptoms.

Understanding Meningioma

Meningioma is a type of tumour that forms on the membranes surrounding the brain, which are called the meninges. Meningiomas can squeeze the surrounding nerves, vessels and brain tissue, which can lead to the sufferer experiencing a variety of debilitating neurological symptoms. This type of tumour tends to grow slowly and can be present for some time before any symptoms appear. It's more commonly diagnosed in women than men, and it tends to be diagnosed more frequently in the elderly.